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For a Stress-Free Bachelorette Party, Consider a Private Wine Country Tour

Private Wine Country Tour, Bachelorette PartyWhen Taylor Curtin began planning a bachelorette party for her sister, Chelsea, she wanted the experience to be intimate and low-key. Las Vegas and Nashville didn’t quite match Chelsea’s laid-back personality, so they opted for San Francisco and a visit to Wine Country.

At first, Taylor thought about renting cars or hiring Uber drivers to help the group of 10 women enjoy Wine Country. Instead, she contacted Green Dream Tours about a private tour to Sonoma Valley.

“I honestly can’t tell you how grateful I was that I decided to go with Green Dream Tours,” said Taylor. “Booking the tour was by far the best money spent on the entire weekend. Not only did it totally take the stress out of the day, but it also added to everything we could have expected.”

Chelsea’s high school, college and work friends came from as far away as Atlanta, New York City, Boston, Nashville, Michigan, Ohio and Rhode Island. Being together in a luxury van and not having to drive or worry about directions gave the women time to relax and chat. (San Francisco is about an hour from Sonoma.)

After picking up the women at the private residence they had rented for the weekend, Green Dream Tours veteran guide Dylan Haas helped make the bachelorette party fun and entertaining, with jokes and San Francisco-inspired tunes. The women also learned a lot about viticulture from Dylan and the hosts at each winery, which was another bonus since most had never been to Wine Country.

Private Wine Country Tour, Bachelorette Party

Not everything was perfect, though. The day of the tour, it rained, which meant the women were able to put their custom-made bridal party hats to good use.

“The weather was definitely something that became a positive of the day,” said Taylor. “The weekend was gorgeous except for our day in Sonoma, and what could have turned into a damper on our fun turned into a highlight. We had fun taking photos in the rain, wearing our bridal party hats we had made. Thank goodness because they came in handy.”

The group visited three wineries. Taylor said the tasting room at Nicholson Ranch was gorgeous and that the group really enjoyed the wine there. The bachelorette party also had fun playing with the dogs at Larson Family Winery.

Private Wine Country Tour, Bachelorette Party

Their favorite? Cline Family Cellars, which was the last stop on the tour.

“Even though it was pouring that day and we didn’t get to enjoy the grounds as much, we loved the fish pond and the spacious tent to enjoy our last stop on our journey,” said Taylor.

The bachelorette party had lunch at HopMonk Tavern Sonoma. Located a few blocks from historic Sonoma Plaza, HopMonk provided a timely break from wine tasting.

“I couldn’t have picked a better place myself,” said Taylor. “The staff was wonderful and accommodating to dietary restrictions we had with us. Dylan had to pry us away from the food and atmosphere. We really enjoyed the midday break.”

On the way back to San Francisco, Dylan opened a complimentary bottle of wine to help Chelsea and her friends celebrate. Taylor said that small gesture made the whole group feel special.

“Green Dream Tours seemed to get the vibe we were going for,” said Taylor. “From the lunch choice and winery itinerary, everything was great. Worth every penny!”

A custom Sonoma wine tour that went “above and beyond”

When six friends from Alberta, Canada called on Green Dream Tours to help them plan a bachelorette outing, they got more than they anticipated.

Three of them, including the bride, had toured Sonoma before and looked forward to sharing the experience with the rest of the group. They’d liked the Viansa setting and the wine on their last visit and wanted to return. And, because a few of the women had watched The Bachelor together, they requested a stop at Envolve Winery (co-founded by the reality show’s recent star, Ben Flajnik).

They left the choice of the third winery to Elie, owner of Green Dream. He recommended B.R. Cohn, which ended up being their favorite.

Planning the trip

Bachelorettes at B.R. Cohn Winery in Sonoma

Bachelorettes get a tour of B.R. Cohn with the winemaker

Erin, who had been on the 2010 wine country tour, was in charge of planning the bachelorette getaway. After searching Google and TripAdvisor, she contacted Green Dream. “I decided to go with them because they ranked at the top of the reviews,” says Erin.

Everyone agreed the stop at the B. R. Cohn winery was the highlight of the day. “We got a private tour with Tom, the winemaker, and the tasting room host was fabulous,” she adds.

“Then Tom surprised us with wine for the bride to take home and little gifts for all of us. It was above and beyond what we expected.”

The bride meets the Bachelor

Sonoma wine tasting with Ben the Bachelor

Bachelorettes stop for wine tasting with
reality TV star Ben Flajnik

After lunch in Sonoma, they had another surprise for the bride. In planning their itinerary, Elie had arranged for a private wine tasting with Ben at Envolve. “He spent an hour pouring and describing his wines,” says Erin, “and then was gracious enough to take photos with us.”

For others planning a bachelorette tour, Erin highly recommends Green Dream Tours. “It was fabulous. There’s nothing I would change about the day. The girls loved it and still talk about it.”


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Bachelorettes party on a private wine tour in Sonoma

A bachelorette party takes a private wine tour of Sonoma, and poses in the vineyard.

Sorority sisters reunite for a memorable tour
of Sonoma wine country.

Ten sorority sisters take a private wine country tour and at the end of the
day . . . leave their lingerie on the bus. Nope, it’s not a joke.

They gathered in San Francisco in June for a reunion and bachelorette party. Stephanie McCay of Denver, who organized the trip, told us they wanted:

  • time to hang out and catch up
  • a memorable day in the wine country
  • and a private tour tailored just for their group

After calling several tour companies, she talked to Elie at Green Dream. “I was excited because he said we’d have our own bus and be visiting boutique wineries where we’d probably be the only the guests,” says Stephanie.

The women loved the more personalized and intimate Green Dream tour. At the smaller wineries they actually met the winemakers and heard their stories. In fact, at Peter Cellars in Sonoma, when the winemaker found out several in the group were pregnant or new moms, he introduced them to his three-week-old baby.

“The best possible tour guide”

“Our tour guide, Adam, knew when to let us do our own thing and when to chime in,” Stephanie says. And the friends were really glad not to be on a large bus with other groups, especially at the end of the day when their party got livelier and louder.

Everyone had a great time. The bride loved it, even though she doesn’t exactly remember all the details . . . like leaving her lingerie on the bus.

Now don’t jump to conclusions. The fancy undies were gifts from her friends and she had tucked the package under her seat while they were touring.

Adam to the rescue

That night Adam met the group at a restaurant to return the gifts. Not wanting to carry the pink Victoria’s Secret bag, he disguised it in a brown paper bag. Stephanie says, “He really went above and beyond, and he ended up joining us for the rest of the evening.”

Let us help you create memories in the wine country. Learn more about our private wine tours here.