As a tourism company, we are all for doing our part in the drive for sustainable tourism. Keep reading below to find out about Green Dream Tours’ owner and operator, Elie Sasson’s commitment to this worthy cause.

Green Dream Tours Best Practices

We are a carbon neutral company. We also use recycled paper in our office and for our business cards. We are also striving to become paper-free all together. We recycle all paper, bottles, and cans that guests discard.

We Purchase Carbon Offsets

I want our company to be as green as possible. We burn a lot of fuel every year, and the money generated from buying carbon offsets (from in a new tab)) goes toward projects such as reforestation, which works to eliminate carbon from the environment. It also fights climate change.

Our Sustainability Goals

There is lots of emphasis on sustainability in Wine Country, and we often visit and support sustainable wineries on our tours. In Sonoma, Nicholson Ranch is committed to sustainable farming practices. Starmont Winery and Vineyard is a certified Napa Green Winery, generating electricity from solar panels.

Our Guests Do Their Part Too!

We encourage all our guests to recycle any waste during their tour with us (water bottles, cans etc.). And of course, deciding to do a tour with us rather than going in individual cars makes a huge impact on carbon emissions.

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