Tour Sonoma’s Robledo Family Winery — a hidden gem

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When you join our Sonoma Valley winery tour, you’ll get to taste the wines and hear the amazing story of Reynaldo Robledo and his family winery.

Lazaro Robledo, Sonoma winery tasting room manager

Lazaro Robledo,
tasting room manager

Reynaldo came to California’s wine country as a migrant worker from Mexico at the tender age of 16. We spoke to his son Lazaro, the winery’s tasting room manager, who filled us in on the fascinating details.

How many of your family members work in the business?

All of them! I’m the eighth of nine children and every one has stayed in the family business. For example, Everardo is the winemaker, Jenaro is the vineyard manager and my mom, who recently retired, was executive chef for all of our events.

What makes Robledo different than other wineries?

We’re proud that the winery is completely family run. From the soil to the bottle, we touch everything.

What recognition have your wines received?Award-winning Robledo Sonoma wines

In blind tastings, we’ve been awarded 22 gold medals and nine double golds. Some award winners are available on our website. My favorite now is the 2012 Seven Brothers Sauvignon Blanc, perfect in this hot weather.

How did you hook up with Green Dream Tours?

I met Elie four years ago when he was starting out and looking for boutique wineries to include in his tour. It’s been great seeing the growth and development of his company.

What do you like about his tour groups?

I like to meet people from all over and he’s getting tourists from Australia, Europe and China as well as from the US.

Last word . . .

My advice is to try a lot of different wines. You’ll learn what you like and become a more discerning taster.

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