Wine Country Tour Guide Shares His Passion

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Anyone who’s been on a Green Dream tour with lead guide Adam Marca knows he brings a world of knowledge and enthusiasm to the experience. No stranger to tourism, Adam spent nine years as a cruise line tour director and private road trip leader. We talked with him about his passion for wine and the wine country.

Do you have a favorite wine, Adam?

Every varietal has a personality and I love exploring new wines. However, I’m definitely a cabernet sauvignon guy. I especially like the reserve cab from the Robledo Family Winery in Sonoma.

What do you like most about being a tour guide for Green Dream?

I get to take a bunch of people on vacation where the weather and scenery are fantastic. And, I introduce them to a lot of world-class wines. I love to share my knowledge and help our tour groups learn about wine in an unpretentious way. It’s about having fun and tasting good wine, and if I can help people understand it, they appreciate it more.

How did you become a wine expert?

I had a reasonable knowledge based on my own love of wine. Then Green Dream’s founder, Elie Sasson, trained me and I did a lot of background reading. I also went along on his tours and observed him answering questions before I was set free.

During my two years as a tour leader, I’ve learned a lot more about what people are interested in. There are around 40 common questions and I’ve sharpened my knowledge based on what’s asked most.

What makes Green Dream different from other wine country tours?

There are a lot of larger tour companies that take groups of 40 and just go wherever there’s tourism and do whatever’s popular. We specialize in taking smaller groups — 14 or fewer — on public or private tours to boutique wineries that are not overrun by big bus crowds. We allow for the time, peace and serenity to have a slower wine tasting experience and enjoy the company on your tour.

We’re also known for great customer service. Everyone who answers the phone has led a Green Dream tour for two years, so you get a knowledgeable person who can answer questions.

We try to do all the little things right to make the day special. Our Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews reflect that.

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