Sonoma County is an ideal destination for wine lovers seeking family-friendly wineries. In fact, wine tours are one of the top things to do for multigenerational groups.

At Green Dream Tours, we are often asked if children are allowed on our San Francisco wine tours. Of course! We can totally hook you up because we have great partners who are well-suited for hosting families.

We accommodate youth on our public tours and offer a discounted rate for non-drinkers. However, we suggest booking a private tour so we can curate the perfect day for you and your family.

Here are 5 of our favorite family-friendly wineries in Sonoma:

Roche Winery & Vineyards

Roche Winery is Family Friendly
Roche has become one of our key partners for private tours since it opened its new tasting room two years ago.

The tasting experience is set outside in a semi-covered pavilion, adjacent to the vineyard. You literally feel like you’re sitting in the vineyard.

There’s plenty of room for kids to play in the tasting area. We love the set-up here because you can sip wine and watch your children play at the same time.

Guests are also allowed to roam the grounds, including a gazebo with a swing. The vineyard is near an animal farm, where kids (and adults) can check out llamas, camels, sheep and dogs.

There are lots of reasons to like Roche. Its family-friendly vibe is one of its key attributes along with great wine and beautiful scenery.

Viansa Winery & Tasting Room

Viansa is perched above Sonoma Valley with views that stretch in all directions. It’s one of the first wineries you pass en route from San Francisco to Wine Country, so it’s a well-timed stop for young ones (and their parents) who prefer less driving.

It should be noted that Viansa is a fourth-generation family-run winery. Family life is the backbone of the experiences it offers.

Guests may be surprised by Viansa’s Tuscan-inspired ambiance. The onsite Marketplace reinforces Viansa’s salute to Italy, offering freshly prepared sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie boards, and Italian treats.

This winery is also pet friendly!

Larson Family Winery

Larson Family Winery is family-friendly
When guests inquire about family-friendly wineries, we always think of Larson. Unfortunately, this favorite suffered a fire earlier this year and is closed at the time of this blog.

This winery is perfect for families with children thanks to a play area, including bocce ball, that is situated amid its outdoor seating area.

There’s some cool history about the property that might intrigue older children. It started as a dairy farm, emerged as the largest rodeo in Northern California for nearly 30 years, and now is a respected vineyard where grapes have been growing since 1978.

Larson is also one of the most dog-friendly wineries, with three labradors that frequently greet guests upon arrival. The winery’s Three Lab Cab and Three Lab Chardonnay are favorites among pet lovers.

Kivelstadt Cellars & Winegarten

Kivelstadt cellars is family friendly.
If you’re seeking a restaurant and wine tasting experience where children have a place to play, look no further than Kivelstadt.

We’re impressed with the play structures onsite and how safe it is for youth to run around and climb while adults are sipping wine. Kivelstadt offers a full, affordable menu, not a deli, which makes it perfect for families with a variety of tastes and appetites.

Your kids will love the decadent desserts created by executive chef Cameron Bouldin, whose specialty is a chocolate cake with ganache, raspberry and vanilla chantilly.

Kivelstadt is undergoing significant renovations and is expected to reopen on April 15.

B.R. Cohn Winery & Olive Oil Company

Cohn winery is family friendly
There are many reasons to love B.R. Cohn including the fact that it’s family-friendly.

But one of the coolest things about this winery is that it was nurtured and previously owned by Bruce Cohn, former manager of the Doobie Brothers. Today the winery frequently features live music and is great for large groups with youth.

The winery also offers cheese and charcuterie items onsite, and olive oil and vinegar tasting. The winery’s location is great to pair with wineries in both the southern and northern parts of Sonoma County. We often use B.R Cohn as a lunch stop in the middle of tours.

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